Grid Row Shifts Vertically When Expanded for Subrow

There’s probably a reasonable explanation for this, but I thought I’d ask:

Why does the contents of a row – normally centered vertically, shift to being “top” aligned when a subrow is revealed? See example below, where U.S. row is shown normal, then expanded.

Try to set vertical-align for your grid with setColVAlign() method. … tcolvalign

If issue still occurs please open ticket at and provide example where we can reproduce it.

setColVAlign has no effect whatsoever. Ticket has been submitted.

Unfortunately this issue cannot be fixed because of limitation of sub row functionality.

Any such “limitation” must be with the approach taken to implement subrows. I constructed a similar feature in ASP some years ago and it worked without such limitation. I consider this a design flaw, so I hope you don’t mind my submitting this as a future enhancement request.