Grid row style problem

Apparently the default row height in the grid is fixed to certain pixels (20pixels). While doing load on demand or smart rendering if the style of the row is changed e.g. the height of the row, there are some blank lines that start appearing in the grid.

The question is why the heigt of the pixels if fixed and how could it be changed properly so as to avoid the blank lines.

Height fixed in  dhtmlxgrid.css and can be updated here, but to work in smart rendering mode some additional changes need to be done

In smartRendering mode grid calculate necessary start point of data by
dividing row data on row height. For each skin it has predefined fixed
row height, and if it was changed ( height style in css|js, or multiline
mode ) the calculations will fail, and as result it will ask incorrect
data range from server, which cause effect similar to one you described.

If you using not default line height - immideatly after grid object
creating ( before enabling SmartRendering ) add next line of code
    mygrid = new …
where “NN” is new height of row

If you use setSkin command, this line need to be duplicated after it as

Latest version of grid supports next command ( which basically wrapper for operation described above )