Grid -> rows offset

Hello, I would like to ask whether it is possible to make offset (e.g. 5px) between grid rows… If it`s possible, then how?
More times happened to us that the user has worked event “onAfterSelect” or “onitemclick” to two different grid rows together at the same time … And then it caused chaos in loading data … I assumed that the user touched directly the border between rows and therefore it possibly captured 2 rows ??
We were not able to simulate this behaviour. But users of this happened over the past two months about 5 times…

There is no way to have margin between rows ( it will introduce non-effect touch area, which will look quite strange)

To solve the problem you can add event throttling

var event_flag; some.attachEvent("onItemClick", function(){ if (event_flag) clearTimeout(event_flag); event_flag = setTimeout(function(){ event_flag = null; ... original logic here ... },100); });

in such case for multiple touche actions in short time - only one ( latest ) will be processed.