Grid rowspan bug? with filters

Here is example -
Try type “test1” on the last “c3” column filter.


Yes, thank you, I can see the problem.
But could you please, clarify what result do you expect to get in this situation?

For myself, I temporarily solved the problem by disabling grouping if at least one filter is present. I added the code to the example DHTMLX Snippet Tool.
But the correct solution would be to align the cells vertically correctly.

Thank you for your clarification.
As I’ve noticed earlier the problem was confirmed and we’ll ty to find a solution in the future updates.
I’ll inform you about any progress on this issue,


We fixed your reported issue with the filtering in the latest dhx.Suite update (v8.3.14).
You can test it in your original snippet:
Please, download the latest available dhx.Suite build from your client’s area to get this fix.
Thank you for your report.