Grid scrollbar disappears in Chrome

Grid object 's scrollbar shows in Firefox, but does not show in Chrome and Safari. How could I make the scrollbar shows if the column exceed the width of grid object?

gridObj = new dhtmlXGridObject(id);

Most probably issue caused not by grid itself but because of styling on container DIV

<div ng-attr-id="id" style="width:100%; background-color:white;"></div>

Here you have 100% width which based on other markup and styling can result in very different sizes
You can try to add “overflow:hidden;” to the container DIV, just to be sure that it doesn’t size self to the inner content.
Also, you can try to set fixed width value for the container div.

I tried

but it does not take any effect, scrollbar sill cannot show up.

I’ve figured out the problem finally. I’ve removed the below style in other css file and the scrollbar works fine now. Thank for your support!
::-webkit-scrollbar {
display: none;