grid search and filter scanning issue

Hi all

I have a possible issue with grid and tree searches and filters. I certain cases where there is a tooltip involved the filter and search will check everything including the tooltip. Is there anyway that I can have the search just look for the keywords within the value of the cell rather than all of the cell

Philip White

Unfortunately such feature is not available

I have tried a different approach using a link field and the search field is still searching the url as well as the value surely this is a bug ?

In another attempt to get round the issue I started to use onFilterStart which seemed to work well at the beginning but I discovered it was only showing some of the results. when outputing the regex results the values where correct but it was not displaying them within the grid

if (values[0] != “”){
mask = new RegExp("^"+values[0],“gi”);
values[0]=function(check){ return mask.test(check) }
return true;

all this regex does is tests the first part of the string against the inputted value

cheers Phil

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please provide any kind of sample or demo link to reconstruct the issue

I am unable to supply a link as the grid is being used in an offline program but I am using build 110318.

If you could show how you were able to get it to run correctly I can see where I have gone wrong


Philip White