Grid Security, Proxy, etc. Settings

We are using the lastest professional version of the grid with the Paging and XMLAutoLoading enabled.

It works fine everywhere except from a bank.

The bank is using IE 6, set all IE security settings to Medium (same as on our test station here), and gets a “dxhtmlgrid not defined” error.

Are there any security settings you can recommend I have them check?

Also, they are using a proxy.  Are there any known issues with a proxy?




gets a “dxhtmlgrid not defined” error.
Such error means that js files of grid not loaded at all. In most cases such error doesn’t related to securite settings but caused by missed files.
Please check that all files placed in necessary locations and have the same case of file names in code and on filesystem. While it may work for you locally, used proxy server can be strict to name case and not load file with different name casing.