Grid selection disable issue

why if i use function in grid is enable editing and i use grid.selection.disable(); is still can editing???

I am unable to reproduce that behavior. See this snippet:

I added grid.selection.enable() at the end of the function to create the Grid; it does not enable editing. Can you provide a snippet demonstrating the behavior?

It seems more like you want to be able to turn editing on and off; selection is something else entirely. I don’t think there’s a way do that without destructing and recreating the grid. I changed the Multiselection checkbox to Editing to demonstrate how you can do it.

To enable editing data in a grid, set the following when creating the grid (which you have in your snippet)

editable: true

To disable editing, use

editable: false

The problem is if i set editabel true not all of colomn but one ore more

You may use the beforeEditStart event to block the editing operation if it is needed. just try to return false from that event

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