Grid serialization problem


I have following problem:

In my treeGrid (latest) I have:

To get text values on exported data:

self._strictText = true;

I also have custom format number like this:

setNumberFormat(“0,000.00”,3,","," ");

So the value 10000.99 is converted to: 10 000,99

But in export I need to have back 10000.99

So I added:

eXcell_ron.prototype.getTitle = eXcell_ron.prototype.getMathValue;

And everything works just fine.

But, when I put some math to cell values like this:


the ron[=sum]     is not converted back to pure number notation and I get 10 000,99 in exported data

If this ron column is the only math based column in grid, you can add the next line
eXcell_math.prototype.getTitle = eXcell_ron.prototype.getValue;