[Grid] Set label and #text_filter in the same cell

Hi all,
The main question is in the subject: is it possible to set label and #text_filter in the same cell?
For the moment, I have 2 rows, created by the methods “setHeader” and “attachHeader”. It is not the design expected, and I will have to be able to get the text filter in the same cell as the label (and so, get only one header row).
Is is possible to achieve?
Kind regards

Unfortunately it is not available to place the text filter and some title in a single cell.
You may try to create your own filter from the input using the makeFilter() method. so you can place an html input and the required text in a header cell.

Hi sematik,

Thanks for your answer.
I’ll check with the makeFilter() method as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Here is the docs:
and a tutorial:
docs.dhtmlx.com/grid__filtering … forthegrid

Hi sematik,

What I did is the following:
. In the first level of header, the labels are not just texts but I put "

Col Label

. After the Init() of the grid, with jQuery I get the inputs which are in the column headers of the grid, then I just to a “appendTo” of each inputs into the “
”. I’ll put some CSS here and there, and it will be fine for the moment I think.
I had to cancel the bubbling of events when clicking into the inputs (when I want to enter some text for filtering), but again easily done with jQuery “stopPropagation”.
. Then I can do a “mygrid.detachHeader(1)”.

The process is too quick to be seen by human eyes, and at this point in time there is no difficult process in the page, so my assumption is that I don’t “risk” anything.