Grid setHeader Problem

For dynamic loading of grid I have innitialization section, innitializing the grid

and update section where I set an XML reuest string set new header by

setHeader and “loadXML()”.

so only reploading is done without reinitializing.

it looks like the setHeader command is breaking the grid when I try to refresh.

removing this command from the loading section solves the problem.

How can set dynamic header without setHeader.?

setHeader method doesn’t allow to change grid’s header dinamically. To update header via XML you have to clear it first with method mygrid.clearAll(true). You xml should containg section.

Also you can change header’s labels via API using method mygrid.setColumnLabel(c, label, ind) where c - header column index, # label - new label for the cpecified header’s column. Can contai img:[imageUrl]Text Label, ind - header row index (default is 0).