grid smartrendering with connector - total count argument is

i have grid with ~80k rows, so i enabled smart rendering. im using php connector to generate xml.
first few rows are rendering ok, but when i scroll down, some rows are missing.
i noticed that total_count argument is missing in xml:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?><rows pos='3566'><row id='122235'><cell>...

how to fix it ?

“total_count” argument is needed only with first request.
Check if each row in your grid has the same height. If rows height has beet changed you should define new rows height with setAwaitedRowHeight() method:


it didnt work. when im scrolling down, its ok, but after ~1/3 records something strange is happening. after 1/3 records, grid doesnt load few records at the bottom, after 1/2 records there are missing more records and at the end of table, i cant see anything. when im trying to manually jump by draging scroll, it doesnt work at all.
it looks like there is some kind of desynchronize issue between position in grid and records to show

What version of dhtmlxGrid are you using? We cannot reproduce this on the current (2.6) version.

just updated to version 2.6 and still not working properly.

Do you haver FireBug? Can you provide parameters which Grid sends to the server side when you scroll to to the bottom of the page?

  1. Request URL:,3,4,5,6 <-- grid init
  2. Request URL: <-- first scroll, OK
  3. Request URL: <-- second scroll, 1 row is missing
  4. Request URL: <-- last scroll, i can see only 5 rows

What OS and browser are you using? I noticed same issue with 100k database using XP or Vista with IE8. But, it works in FF.

windows 7, i tried on chrome 8.0.552.215 and ff 3.6.12