grid.spiltAt(2) not working properly on reloading the grid


I am using dhtmlx grid and i want to freeze first two columns of grid.
For that i used grid.splitAt(2) function which freeze first two columns on its first load.
But when i called loadXML function from java coding to reload the grid, it gives me first two columns and then again read that grid with that two columns and didn’t written any data on grid.

Can any one please help me on this how can i called spiltAt() function when reloading the grid.

Note that i didn’t change the structure of the grid while reloading it.

Thanks in advance,
Nihar Shah

After applying of the split mode to the grid, it is not possible to recreate the grid structure (reload the grid with a different structure). Such grid can be only destructed.
Please find more information about split mode here … lit_mode&s[]=split