Grid + SplitAt + Colspan on left part


I’ve found an old post on this forum stating that splitAt and colspan are not compatible together.
I’ve tested on the sample page … iline.html, and tried to manually put in the console the following code

myGrid.setColspan(1, 0, 2)

Indeed, it didn’t work.

The only workaround I found was to change the colspan of the DOM

… but this break the alignment between the two sections, and we have to manually recompute all height and width of all cells…

Is there any plan to support colspan in the frozen part of the grid?
Or any other workaround? (note : our grid uses splitAt, multirow and colspan)

You need to enable the colspan functionality: … lspan.html

You may create a colspan only in a left, or only in a right side of the split. the cells cannot be “colspanned” through the split.
For making the colspan in a left side you need to call:
myGrid._fake.setColspan(1, 0, 2)