Grid - Strange behavior of checkboxes

You released new bug in Grids when checkbox editor is used. See that there: DHTMLX Snippet Tool

Try there to check and uncheck few checkboxes. Behavior is delayed and very strange. That is new bug that was released on latest versions.

As you are using:"cellClick", function(row,column){

in your code, please, note, that boolean column has no edit mode, and it is already editing by a single click on a checkbox, so you don’t need to perform that code for your checkbox column.
Please, try to evade it:"cellClick", function(row,column){
    if (column.type!="boolean")

I know about that, that is example created by you, not me, it is available for everyone in your examples library.

If you will switch dhtmlx version to older one, then all works fine.

If you will add that condition about boolean, or remove event cellClick as whole, then checkboxes still work wrong and that is problem that I issued, lets look over it.

DHTMLX Snippet Tool


If you are clicking on two different checkboxes multiple times and in mixed way, then during click on one checkbox, another one is changed. If you do it slower then it works well. Lets look on bug that you released.

Your updated snippet works absolutely well for me:

Just like this one default snippet with the grid editors:

and your original snippet with my suggested solution:

I am happy that it works for you, but not for users of your product who use it more frequently than you and your testers. Lets spent more time on tests. Below you have evidence that your product is bugged. It is your snippet. Look that cache is disabled also. My third click has bad effect.


First click on first checkbox works well.
Second click on first checkbox unchecks checkboxs - that is well also.
Third click is on second checkbox but it unchecks first checkbox instead of second one that I clicked on.

My apologies.
I’ve missed the case with the checkbox doubleclick.
I can see that problem now.
We’ll try to fix it in one of the future updates.

Hello Przemysław.

We have fixed your reported problem in the latest dhx.Suite update (v7.3.13).
Currently the checkbox double-clicking operates correctly.
You can check it in your original snippet, or in the default one:

Please, try to download the latest available dhx.Suite build from your client’s area to get that fix.
Thank you for your report.

Best regards.