Grid Strike-Through Issue

We have a dhtmlx grid that has drag and drop functionality that works well when there are no frozen columns, but strikes through the dragged element at its previous position when we do have frozen columns. This seems to be an issue only with frozen columns. Also, each time a grid column is resized, the grid rows height gets larger. Do you know the issue with that?



Also, the code where the strike-through is placed is at the line: if (i.set(“alfa”, !l).set(“sid”, b.sid[l][b.source == “tree” ? “id” : “idd”]).valid()) in dhtmlxgrid_drag.js

Grid may render line other dragged row when it used in pair with dataprocessor.

When row deleted, it doesn’t removed from the grid , but only marked for deletion, and will be removed after receiving server side confirmation. If server side doesn’t respond correctly, row will not be removed from the grid, and will stay with line other text.