Grid styles not working properly (css, adjust visibility, width..)

Hello, right now I’m using DHTMLX Suite 7.1.7 implementated In a Vue 2 Cli project and I while developing some features with DHTMLX Grid I found 3 problems:

  • When removing the option autoWidth and adjust from the grid declaration the grid just simply stops appearing In my page, so I’m forced to have It in a certain width in order to at least see my grid

    this.grid = new GridDHX(idgrid, {
      columns: columns,
      autoWidth: true,
      adjust: true,
      selection: "simple",
      data: data,
      css: "my_grid_css",
  • The css dont applies, i want to change the color of the grid but the classes dont do anything and it seems like grid is rendered before the of vue

  • Hide column not working ( this.grid.hideColumn(0); ) (Is still like that ?)

I used the examples provided by DHTMLX but they don’t work on my case, what should i do? Thanks!

Unfortunately, I was not able to reconstruct your issues locally.
Could you please, provide a complete demo, where the problems could be reproduced.

Thanks for the response, at the end It was a Bootstrap importation problem, It seems that Bootstrap was In conflict with dhtmlx css, sorry for the troubles.

Hi Dev_Dev, how to use bootstrap integration in dhx suite 7, could you please help me in this.

dhx.Suite has no any specific integration with the bootstrap.