Grid table is not coming based on responseXML object

Hi support,

I am trying to create a grid table based on your scand dhtml grid API
product. In my case the grid should be developed based on the response
from a server which is in XML format (via Ajax).

Please have a look at the following code, which I’ve used to create the
grid table. Everything works perfectly if the XML is a file so using
the mygrid.loadXML() I am able to create the grid table without any
problem but in my case there is no physical storage of the XML file but
it just comes as a response from my server  so using
mygrid.parseXML(xmlOb) I’ve tried to create the grid table, in this
case xmlOb is the XML document object that comes from the server. But
unfortunately nothing coming out in the browser. Can you please tell me
what is wrong in my code/approach?

function makeXMLGrid(id){

    var mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(id);



    mygrid.parseXML(xmlOb); //No error but it is not producing any grid table




    return mygrid;


Thanks & regards


You can use
not only with static XML files, but with any kind of server side script which returns valid XML stream as response.

The code which you provide are correct, and must work, the only reason of incorrect result  - incorrect XML ( different tag names, different structure of XML )
Also what is type of xmlOb, MSIE can load XML by using few different components, and not all of them compatible with dhtmlxGrid parser.