Grid To Excel Problem

Dear all,
I tried the Grid-to-Excel example on windows 2003 R2 English version + IIS 6 + PHP 5.3.2(php-5.3.2-nts-Win32-VC9-x86.msi) + fastCGI (fcgisetup_1.5_rtw_x86.msi) and have problems.
the downloaded excel file is corrupted. The excel program prompted to fix it, then the data is there yet the layout is gone. When I check the server directory, an error file, e.g., ‘error_report_2010_06_19__04_20_50.xml’, is created every time i run the grid_text.html test page.
Please help, and thanks a lot :slight_smile:

By the way, i’ve tried this on serveral machines. it’s repeatable. Please let me know if there’s a work around, e.g., using lower version of PHP, or some other alternatives.
Thanks again

Can you attach some sample of generated excel file?

Also, please try to use the updated package from the next link, it was updated to be compatible with latest php version …

Still the same problem after implementing the new package.
please see the attached problem excel file.
problemgrid.rar (2.69 KB)

Code is based on phpExcel lib, which has next known issue

Maybe it is the same problem as in your case.

It’s been confirmed to be the problem with PHP5.3.2. If we use PHP5.2.13, then everything works fine. Therefore, the working combination is windows 2003 R2 English version + IIS 6 + PHP 5.2.13(php-5.2.13-nts-Win32-VC6-x86.msi) + fastCGI (fcgisetup_1.5_rtw_x86.msi)

please let use know when the compatible version is available.

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