Grid tooltipTemplate unstable/slow/does not respond

Your tooltipTemplate for Grid example in your support docs works great for a simple example BUT if you add anything else to the Grid row (e.g., ‘mark’) it becomes unstable as in VERY SLOW to respond or DOES NOT respond at all. I have used the exact same code in two different columns to demonstrate the problem. If you hover over col2, the response is immediate; over col1 - if it works at all - will be painfully slow. Here is snippet:

I took the liberty of doing some tests with your code (I messed with it all heheh), I realized that the problem itself is the “type” property when set to “boolean”.

I defined a template for the column, assembling the checkboxes, and it also worked normally. So I think the problem itself is when you configure the grid column to assemble checkbox fields automatically.

This is what I noticed, but I’m not sure if that’s really it.

Here’s your changed example:

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I appreciate the time you took to work on this perplexing problem. While I see that the trigger for the hover is now working, I have lost the ‘color’ of the checkbox which is part of this application (check if active; green if complete; red if not complete). I will take a look at your code to see if a tweak can satisfy all requirements here. Again, thank you!

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Your css styles were not applied because I created a checkbox directly in the template, without the classes and without the next span element that the grid creates.

I modified the code to generate the same elements that the grid creates and their styles were applied.

Funny to see that the tooltip works correctly that way, and with the type set it doesn’t.

Check here the example with your classes getting the styles correctly

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Hello and, again, thank you for this. It is strange that the “type” makes the tooltipTemplate unstable. However, it will be necessary to have the type property set to ensure the checkbox is actually checked based on false/true data. With your snippet, the checkbox is not checked. I’m thinking this may be a bug that DHX needs to know about?

Your thoughts/ideas/code are much appreciated.

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Ah, yes, I hadn’t set the checkbox state based on its value, I updated the example, and I also cleaned up the code a bit to make it more readable.

However, if you intend to work as in the example, and need to change and save the value of the checkbox, I believe you will need to add an event listener for the click on the checkbox, get the corresponding element and update its value within the data collection .

I also believe it is a bug.

Updated example

Hello Neil.

Thank you for your report. The problem is confirmed and we’ll try to fix it in the future updates.

Hello @ND_Results, @DouglasMeirelles,

The reported issue with the Checkbocks column tooltip behavior is already fixed in the latest Suite version.

Best regards,