Grid/Tree Grid with images (in a column) Export to Excel/PDF

Based on the requirement need, we are looking for a component which should export the tabular data (Grid, Grid with Images including Grouped Rows, multiple rows and headers - Colspan/Rowspan) to excel and PDF. While researching it seems DHtmlX has the capability to perform the requirement need. I have a few clarification before using the trial product.

      Does the tool internally use flash object (.swf file) to export the data to excel and pdf? If the browser does not support flash, it might not work as expected? Our browser expectation is IE 8.0+, Chrome/Firefox latest version -1.

     Is it possible to export Tree grid with images to PDF Document. Online demo is available for normal grid?

      As the component is out of dotnet framework, how memory is consumed and what is the percent of memory leaks?

Thanks in advance.

The component doesn’t use flash, but it uses server side backend for the data export. ( php, java or .net one )

Image export is possible but not in all cases. Grid can export img columns, but if you are using just an tags in the html content - such images will not be exported.
Also, the export works for treegrid, but it will not render tree structure. In case of excell - it will export TreeGrid as a plain grid ( all currently opened branches )