GRID : updateFromXML problem with new rows

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I’m using updateFromXML with dhxgrid and it partially works :

- Refresh existings rows : OK

- Remove old rows : OK

- Insert new rows : don’t work (no row(s) added)

I’ve passing XML file, true, true to updateFromXML

Do you have any ideas ?

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Please check if at your xml there is no rows with the same id’s.

 I’ve checked the xml and there’s no rows with the same id’s even it’s impossible in my xml file because the id is build from a primary key of a database table.

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We cant reproduce this issue locally. Please send sample where this issue occurs at the


I’ve found when it doesn’t works :

It works when the grid has no complex header.

I’ve a grid who use a complex header like dhtmlxGrid/samples/header_footer/grid_complexheader_content.html
and it doesn’t work. Tell me if you still need a sample.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Yes, please send us sample where this issue occurs at the

Finally there’s no problem with updateFromXML.

I was not able to see news line because in some situations the vertical scroll bar is no more present
when I reload the whole page. New lines are in the bottom of the grid and without vertical scroll bar, I can’t see them. 

I’m using a grid with complex header who is inside a dhtmlx windows who is inside a layout’s cell. I’ll try to investigate
more and I’ll open a new question if I can make a sample.