Grid use with PHP and MYSQL

I’m trying to evaluate dhtmlxGrid as a database management tool, but I get an IE error msg of: Error type: Load XML and Description: Incorrect XML. Is this an IE error or a database error?

Such error message occurs if response received by loadXMl command is not valid XML.
Reasons why XML not loaded correctly

a) Simplest but most common - please be sure that path which you used
inside loadXMl command valid and produce correct XML response.
b) Please check that XML response generated by script are correct XML
    - synax correct ( some special chars can corrupt output, also if
    you are uses encoding different from UTF-8, please be sure that
    it correctly specified in XML header )
    - correct content type assigned - text/xml
    - in case of FF, there must not be any whitespaces before start
    of output and <?xml declaration
to check all those requirements , just point your browser to XML
generation script - if all correct browser will render correct XML
c) The XML must contain specified structures ( same name for top tag,
row adn cell tags, in case of SmartRendering or dynamic loading some
additional attributes required )

In most cases to resolve issue you need to navigate to the url, which you uses in loadXML command, by browser, and check it.
In case of IE, there is some additional issue can occur in case of loading grid from local filesystem ( just c:/some.html instead of some/some.html ).