Grid using splitAt and updateFromXML

I am working on a project with a grid that has a split at on the second column. Within the grid I have a link that opens a window with a close event to update the grid via updateFromXML. When something is changed in the Form in the window and window is closed all fields are updated within the grid EXCEPT the fields before the split (columns 1 and 2). Any suggestions? I of course could remove the splitAt, but would like to avoid that.

Also, I have mygrid.setEditable(false). In this situation creating the form via a window to update the grid worked better than updating in the actual grid (due to filtering of which fields could be updated on a per user basis).

But all fields except the ones before the split are updating fine.

Unfortunately in case of updating the grid with the split only the right side of the grid will be updated. Now this is the limitation of split functionality.