Grid Vertical Size with Pagination Problem

I have a grid loaded via XML that has 400+ rows and worked fine. I used the pagination feature and everything looks great except for the last page.

The last page shows the same vertical height as pages 1-4 (that were a full page of rows), but page 5 has a partial page and the data rows are floating on the bottom of the grid with a lot of “white space” above it and below the header.

How can I force the last page’s partial rows to the top of the grid (directly below the header without the white space)?

Can each page be autoresized when the user clicks on that page (page 1-4 would be the full height…page 5 would be smaller since it has less rows)

I’m using the version just prior to the latest release…I haven’t had time to review doing an upgrade yet.


//Setup Grid

mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘gridbox’);






mygrid.attachFooter(“End of data,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan,#cspan”,[“text-align:left;”]);




We cant reproduce this issue locally. Please provide sample where this issue occurs at the