Grid view


Grid view is not working. its showing blank page. Even I have created createGridView. Then also i m geeting same problem. may i know what i am missing



Unfortunately, it’s not possible to help resolve the issue using only the screenshot. Please, provide with the complete demo where the problem can be reproduced and check the article with info about initialization Grid view again


I found the mistake and fixed it. Now Grid view is working fine. But still I have some doubts,

1.I need to give alternate color for rows like agenda view.
2.If I gave big statement in description its not wrapping. its exceeding the column. how to do wrapping
3.past date events also showing in Grid view. But I want only upcoming events
4. If we create an event, in grid view the dates showing in descending order. I want it to display in ascending order
In the below screenshot,i have created two events, one in today(4/8/2016) and another in next day(5/8/2016), In grid view i wanted to view like today (4/8/2016) event first,then next day(5/8/2016) event… but currently its showing like next day(5/8/2016) event first, then today event.

please suggest



  1. Please, use templates for changing styles in all views. … lates.html
    In this case you need event class template: … plate.html

  2. You can make it by using templates too.

  3. You need to set date range to show required events.

  4. It is the default sort method. You can create a custom sorting. … gfunctions

to sort the date column in ascending order, I have used,
function reverseSort(a,b){
a =;
b =;
return a<b?1:-1;
after doing this also i dint get the sort order. May I know the mistake which i have done

This function starts work when you click on the header.
To change the default sort order you need make the source code changes.

I have another question,
How to hide today button from grid view.

You can set next css-property to the div-container with button:
.dhx_cal_today_button{display: none;}

Thanks for the solution. IS their is any possibility to send agenda tab in mail for every 24 hours.

Scheduler is a client-side component, so there is not mailing capatibilities. Such functionality is usually implemented on a backend - you develop a script that picks upcoming events from the database, form the email body and send to recepients. Then you set up cron job (or create a task in windows task scheduler if you do it on windows server) which will call your script every 24h.

Hi, one more clarification. In grid view, only the user want to view the events. they do not edit the events in grid view alone. Is there is any possibilities.

You can make required events read-only:
But by default if you have set this property, event will be avaliable for reading in all views.

You can try to set the property

scheduler.getEvent(id).readonly = true;

to all events in the Grid view by using getEvents method and onViewChange event and remove it in others.