Grid wasChanged=true;

Hi Happy New Year :wink:

I need to change the status of a grid with the code below, to force the sending of grid with dataprocesor


but it doesnt work :neutral_face:
what im doing wrong?

the following error appears

thank you

First parameter of cells() method must be id fo the row. Any row in grid should not have id == “0”

Hi Olga, thank for your answer

i have the following code

var rowID=dhxGrid.getRowId(0);

I think, this should send the grid to the server, but only the following message appears,

debug mode

 Initiating data sending for all rows

And doesnt send anything :frowning:

You should also use setUpdated() method of DataProcessor to mark row updated:


Please find more information here … setupdated

Perfect!! :wink:
it works fine

thanks a lot :smiley: