Grid with Angular 8


Is there an example of how to integrate the grid with Angular 8? Is there an NPM install for that, or do I need to reference the files.



For now, we have no genereated .d.ts types for the new dhtmlxSuite components, but we’re in the process of its creation.
Also, there are no ready working examples of new dhtmlxSuite 6 on Angular, but you may refer to the following demo:

where the initialization of the dhx.Pivot or dhx.Diagram is similar to the initialization of the dhtmlxSuite components.

Also, you are able to use the npm package of the dhtmlxSuite GPL version:


Thank you sematik. Hopefully you will have the .d.ts ready soon.


We’re planning to add it in October.


Suite components will be out this month?


Yes, we’re still planning to release the .d.ts in the coming dhtmlxSuite update. It is planning to be out this month.