Grid with COLSPAN rows not sorting correctly

I have created a grid that contains 3 rows per record. The top most row has about 12 columns, while the next 2 rows shows 2 different columns contaning comment type data. So, when a user is viewing a record, they will see a minimum of 1 row per record, and up to 3 rows per record. Here in lies the problem, when the user performs a SORT, it sorts the PRIMARY row correctly, but jumbles all the COMMENT rows separately. That means, the COMMENTS no longer associate/attach themselves to the primary row for the record. I have created explicit ID’s such as R# for the primary record, N# for the 2nd line and C# for the 3rd line. HELP!

Unfortunately your issue is not clear.
In the grid all the attached headers should contain the number of columns equal to the main header.
Could you clarify your grid structure with any kind of sample of your code of init of your grid.

Let me re-iterate. I have created a grid with 5 columns. For any given row, the parent row lists 5 columns, and there may be up to 2 additional rows - one row containing only COMMENTS, while the next row has NOTES. These 2 additional rows spans the 5 columns. When I perform a sort via clicking the header, I find that the rows with the 5 individual columns gets sorted together, while the child rows such as the COMMENTS and NOTES are now decoupled from the parent.