grid with filtering causing event listner count to increase

I have a grid with a filter applied using the filterBy API. Every time we remove the filter add/delete rows then reapply the filter (as described at the bottom of the event listner count steadly increases. This is in a html app where the user may sit and watch the screen over a period of hours with little to no interaction, and this update process occurs several times a second. As this count increases - the memory is steadly increasing which causes google to crash after several hours. If I remove the filtering, this process doesn’t cause any problems. Is there any known issues with filtering like this and workarounds - or am I going to have to implement multiple grids and hide/show them to show only the data for the selected types.


grid.filterBy(0,""); //unfilter ... grid.filterByAll();

must not assign any new event handlers, or you are mentioning some other technique?

Nevermind - I’m out of time as far as trying to figure out the problem - I’m just going to remove the filtering, keep an array of objects, and only only add to the grid from the array based on the current selected filter type. Maybe after this project I’ll have some time to dig in and see why removing the filter and adding it back was causing a memory leak.