Grid with Form and DataStore

Can someone please give some insight as to how to get this to work? I have been trying for weeks with no luck. I am trying to connect a grid and form to a global datastore so that I can use the form to add, update and delete records from a MySQL database. I have followed the instructions here: … erver-side, word for word and it simply does not work. I am using the standard edition, full DHTMLX Suite v3.5 build 120822 compiled from the libCompiler. I’m getting no PHP or Javascript errors. However, the grid does not populate with any data using the “Step-by-Step” example found at the page above. My conclusion at this point is that the example itself is flawed. Does anyone have an actual working example of this functionality?

Ready working examples you can find in the datastore directory of your suit.
Please, have a look at the attached html. (2.61 KB)