grid with paging displays more rows than specified

I have a grid that uses smart rendering and paging

  var g = new dhtmlXGridObject('grid-area');
  g.enableSmartRendering(true, rows);
  g.enablePaging(true, rows, rows, 'paging-area', true, 'fv-info-area');

When I load this url, the first page displays many more rows than the “rows” variable given above. I know the rows variable is correct, because I see the subsequent requests to the server specifying rows (count) and offset (posStart) and my service returns the correct data.

Now, if I highlight the first row and arrow down to the row (rows + 1), that row shifts up to the top of the grid and the page number in the paging -area changes to “2”. If I click on the last page, it shows the last 10 results correctly.

So it seems to understand that there should be 10 rows per page and the grid behavior selecting the 11th row sort of proves it, but it displays many more rows that it should.

Any advice would be appreciated


The smart rendering mode is incompatible with the paging. PLea,se try to use the paging or a smart rendering.

You should call the splitAt() method after the init of your grid.

If the issue still occurs for you, pleas,e provide with a complete demo, or a demo link, where the problem can be reproduced.

I stopped using smart rendering. Simply enable paging behaves correctly.

thanks for the reply.