Grid with <select> display list of options when mouse over

Use Grid 3.5 on IE 9.


gridObj = new dhtmlXGridObject(“grid1”);
//basic and standard codes to initiate the grid (followed the online sample on
var sel = “”<select style=“padding-left:0px;width:290px”>firstValsecondValthirdVal";

var text = [sel];
gridObj.addRow(0, text, 0);[/code]

When the new row is added to the grid, move the mouse over the field, it displays a small popup window (like tool tip) with all the contents of the select tag such as firstVal secondVal thirdVal (although the dropdown also works).

I never coded the onmouseover on the , how does this happen?

By the way, this issue only occurs on IE (9). It does not occur on Firefox.

Thanks to help.

A little correction, I further tested it on Firefox, it appears this mouseover issue also happens on Firefox, too.

Please, try to use the onMouseOver event in case of complex html structures of the cell’s value:

grid.attachEvent("onMouseOver", function(id,ind){ return false; });

i tried onMouseOut event. As my application need mouse out event but It’s not working. can we do mouse out event in grid?. How to do it.

Unfortunately there is no onMouseOut event in the dhtmlxGrid.