Grid (with split) Export to Excel and Footers


I have the question below regarding some missing footer information when a grid with split and footers are exported to Excel. Can you help please? Thanks!


Hello. Any update regarding this inquiry? Thanks! :mrgreen: :cry:

Please try to use the updated dhtmlxgrid_export.js (2.8 KB)

It worked! Thanks for your help!

Hello again.

I found another issue, with changing the values of the headers using grid.setColLabel(‘new header’) function for grids that have a split and then exporting the values to Excel…

I noticed that even after changing the header labels which takes effect on the grid displayed on the browser, the values of the headers remain the same for columns to the right of the split for the exported to Excel version.

I have attached the same demo which has a simple grid with SPLIT after the second column. I have provided a ‘Change Headers’ button to replace the header values of the grid. This example will simply change the same header values to UPPERCASE. You can then click on the ‘Export’ button to export the grid to Excel.

In the generated Excel file, notice that all headers to the right of the SPLIT has the updated headers while headers to the left of the split still contains the original/unchanged headers…

Grid Demo - Footer Split (725 KB)

Fixed js files are attached.
Update dhtmlxgrid_export.js to fix the issue with export
dhtmlxgrid.js contains the update necessary for same issue with XML serialization. (101 KB)

Thanks. It solved the problem with the header but I think the initially reported issue with the footer is again back in this version. :unamused:

Copied xml_footer() function from initially provided fix and merged (with some variable translations) it to the latest version. Both issues (header/footer) seem to be now resolved!

Thanks again for your help!