Grid with variable height rows

Is it possible to have a grid in which the row height varies according to the data?

I need to display a grid (or something similar) of Notes. Some notes are only 1 sentence and other notes are 3 or 4 sentences. So the row size needs to expand or contract according to the data.

The grid definition (so far) looks like:

{ view: 'grid', id:'noteGrid', css:"grid_varlined", select:true},
				fields: [
					{label:'Date', css:"stdCell",		template:"#dt#", type:'custom', align:'left',	width:120},
					{label:'Note', template:"#note#",	 type:'custom', align:'left',	width:649},

You can try to set height auto:

view: “grid”,
type: {
height: “auto”

However, in this case you can face issues with grid styling.