Grid won't show in IE when using X-UA-Compatible

I have an application that requires in order for some functionality to work. But I’ve noticed that when this is included, the grid no longer shows up in IE. I’ve tried it in Compatibility mode and out of compatibility mode. I’ve also tried content=“IE=10”, content=“IE=9” and content=“IE=8”. How can I get the grid working while still using this tag? A zip with a sample file is attached (testing.html). You will notice that without that line the Menu doesn’t drop down.

Thanks. (384 KB)

Please, try to update the version of your dhtmlx. The issue is not reproduces with the latest original version.
Also, please, note, that it it is not recommended to use the use the compiled version (“dhtmlx.js”) together with the individual libraries (“dhtmlxcommon.js”,“dhtmlxgrid.js” etc)