Grid: Wrap cell content

Is it possible to wrap a cells content, if it does not fit?
Currently overflowing content is hidden.

I also would like to see the Multiline capability come back. I tried looking into the CSS of the cell div a bit, and found that it’s set to

whitespace: nowrap

and setting that to “normal” would do word wrapping, but then I had to adjust the line spacing manually, and it didn’t resize the row height. I’m working on a big project with pressure to meet a deadline, so I don’t have more time to pick it apart right now, so I’m hoping the developers would know how to implement this quickly and more cleanly than I could do.

Unfortunately currently the multiline content is not available in the dhtmlxGrid 6.

No wonder we’ve moved on. Hmph

We too, btw.
So the multiline content is available since the dhx.Suite 7.1 update:

Here is the example: