Grid.xml.cell_attrs.push("id") - duplicates ids

Right before serialization -

Grid.serialize() -

I am using: Grid.xml.cell_attrs.push(“id”);

problem is - all �id�s are assigned to all cells on each rows, even some rows already hold cells with �id�s (this could happen when user adding new rows to existing data that was serialized previously and stored in DB. As a result - some cells are getting duplicated id’s.

Can I use Grid.xml.cell_attrs.push(“id”) per each row, not per entire grid to avoid that duplication?


a) you can’t use this setting on row level basis, only for all rows in grid
b) if you are using
the id attribute will be included only once, without relation is row newly added, or has it from original XML.

any code example?

Working sample sent by email.