Grid xml rowspan color


in Grid I have created, using xml, the header of my table as two rows. I’d like to color both rows.

My code:

String colorHead="";

String attachHeader="";

xmlReturn.append("<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>");

xmlReturn.append(" “);

xmlReturn.append(” “);

xmlReturn.append(” “);


colorHead+=”<call command=“setHeaderColor”>"+j+""+PROJECTCOLOR+"";





xmlReturn.append(""+colorHead+"<call command=“attachHeader”>#rspan,"+attachHeader+"#rspan,#rspan,#rspan"+colorHead+"");

The first row is colored in correct way, the second no…

Please can you help me?

Thanks and best regards!

Current version of dthmlxGrid doesn’t support setting header color via xml.

You can set color for all header (not for the specific column) with css:

div.gridbox table.hdr td {

background-color: red;


If you have attached skin to the grid:

div.gridbox_skinName table.hdr td {

OK! thanks a lot!