I have to grids. One hold the user data and other hold the Structure of the user Data (Column sequence in which the user want to view them).

The column sequence in data grid correspond to ROWID in Structure grid.

When my user performs a Column drag and drop on the Grid (having Data) and structure grid Rowid must also change HOW I can change the structure grid ROWIDSon after drag event of the data grid ?


Afther column moving you can move rows in the another grid. You can use event “onAfterCMove”. Event handler has parameters: index of moved column, index of new position.

To move rows in the structure grid you can use method moveRow(rowId,mode,targetId,targetGrid) where rowId - source row Id, mode - moving mode (up,down,row_sibling), targetId - target row in row_sibling mode, targetGrid - used for moving between grids (optional).

Or you can use method moveRowTo(srowId,trowId,mode,dropmode,sourceGrid,targetGrid) where

# srowId - source row Id
# trowId - target row Id
# mode - move or copy
# dropmode - sibling or child
# sourceGrid - target row in row_sibling mode
# targetGrid - used for moving between grids (optional)