grid2excel and row colors


I have problems when export data from grid to excel. The trouble is that exists rows that have diferent color depending of a particular text of a cell, but in excel this rows haven’t the defined color. The code is this:

	grid.attachEvent("onXLE", function(){
	totFilas = grid.getRowsNum();
	for (var i = totFilas -1; i >= 0; i--) {
	   vBusqueda = grid.cells2(i, 27).getValue().toString().toLowerCase();
	   if( vBusqueda == 'pendiente' ) grid.setRowColor(i, "FFFF99");
	toolbar.attachEvent("onClick", function(id) {
		switch(id) {
			case "bExcel":
				grid.toExcel('dhtmlxGrid/server/generate.php', 'color');

Thanks in advance.

Are you using latest version of grid2excel script and export command like

scheduler.toExcel(url, "full_color");

Older versions and toExcel without second parameter will result in export with default colors.

I have the same problem. i use “full_color” but into the file do not change the color of row. how can i get to export the grid with the color that i put into the xml file “bgColor” in the row