Gridbox header and rows misalignment

I have written atleast 10 applications using dhxgrid. I never based this strange problem.

There are three tabs I have and each tab has grid display.

When I execute 3 sql to fill these three grids, the first grid which is under current tab looks okay.

When I switch to other tabs, the format of the header and rows in those tabs are misaligned.

When I come back to the same tab which is not ok, after switching to other tabs, it comes out ok.

Every time when I go to the tab for the first time, misalignment is noted. After that it disappears. I used the mygrid1.setSizes() at the time when I click the tab. That also did not work.

Any help is appreciated

Please try to use

return true;

this such code setSizes will be called after new tab selected and rendered, which must resolve issue.