gridFromClipboard and ro column


I don’t want the ro column to be edited when using gridFromClipboard().

I’ve found a post from 2007 in the database but I’ve look into dhtmlxgrid_selection.js and as far as I understande the file is now fixed. … uneditable

I’m using dhtmlxGrid v.2.0 Professional edition build 81009

Can you help?


gridNumeroSerie.clearAll();//clears grid

gridNumeroSerie.gridFromClipboard();//set grid content from clipboard (uses active delimiter)

as I understande the file is now fixed.
The post related to the block-selection functionality, which really ignores ro cell in latest version of grid.
The gridFromClipboard loads grid content from clipboard, it doesn’t execute any checks on column type.
You may call custom code, which will run after gridFromClipboard and set “ro” cells to empty or any other necessary value.