Grid's height containing split not working after reinitializing the grid (151.9 KB)

steps to reproduce:

  1. download and unpack .zip file
  2. launch start_with_this.htm
  3. click on LAUNCH (content is loaded into grid container)
  4. resize the browser window → it’s fine
  5. click again to LAUNCH (content is loaded again into grid container)
  6. resize the browser window → it’s not good (grid’s height is constant now)

I also noticed that setSizes() is not even needed → I commented it out

Please, try to destruct the old dhtmlxGrid object before creating a new one:

function launchGrid() {
	if (typeof qmOverviewGrid === 'object'){
	qmOverviewGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('someGridContainer');

Did this work for you? Because I tried it and I still have the issue.

Please, try to change the sizes of the

<div id="someGridContainer" style="width:100%;height:100%;border-bottom: 1px solid black"></div>

not the

<div id="someGridContainerWrap"

You can check that sizes of the someGridContainer container are not changing after the resize, while the grid takes the sizes of that container:

qmOverviewGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('someGridContainer');