Grid's properties on basis of clipboard content

Can I determine grid’s properties like number of columns, rows and column type depending on the clipboard content? What I saw in the sample copies the clipboard content in the existing grid which has pre-decided number of columns and column type. Instead can I have a feature of initializing the grid on the fly on the basis of content of clipboard.

Before pasting rows from clipboard to grid you have to initialize it. All possible ways of grid initialization is described here … ialization

Also could you please guide us how colspans are going to be handled. If we have 2 columns merged in excel, how can we handle that in Grid.

dhtmlxGrid doesn’t have functionality to handler if 2 columns are merged in excel.
You may find out which columns should be merged with custom code and the merge it with setColSpan() method … pulation&s[]=setColSpan#merging_cells