Grids with link columns width issue


I have a html table that I am converting to grid… using dhtmlXGridFromTable. One of my columns is of type=“link” … I am not specifying the width of any column in order to set the default width based on data length.
For the column that has link it considers the width of the entire string along with the URL and hence the grid appears distorted.
How do I handle this without giving fixed width to the column.
My table is as below

Product Id Product version Product type Product name Short Name Version Name Status Product family Launch date
SA8P0A^javascript:addTab("3860", "Product-SA8P0A", "/systemcommon/");^_self 1 Plan Sun Acceler8 Sun Acceler8 SA8P0A V1 Launched TRAD 16/07/2012
ProTerm Rider-5YRCT^javascript:addTab("2521", "Product-ProTerm Rider-5YRCT", "/systemcommon/");^_self 1 Rider ProTerm Rider-5YRCT ProTerm Rider-5YRCT 5YRCT V1 Health

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced locally. adjustColumnSize() method works well for me with the “link” column.
If the problem still occurs for you please, provide with a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed.
Here you can find a tutorial about creating a complete demo: … pport.html

I tried using adjustColumnSize but it still does not work… the columns in grid get shifted. Please check attached sample.
index.html contains code that does not work
indexworking.html contains code that gives column correctly but width needs to be specified .
I do not want width to be fixed …
The difference in both code is that I have added <Td width=“100” in the working code… (327 KB)

in order to set the default width based on data length.
In this case you need to use the adjustColumnSize() method. If the the width of the columns are not specified all columns will have an equal width and the sum of these widths will be equal to the width of the grid container.