HI!, 2 things about “gridToClipboard” triying to copy to excel.

1 - Copy the entire grid, including the ROW info, for example the ROW ID, that information doesn’t appears on the Grid so i dont want to copy…how can i set a “range” to copyGrid (col=1 to col=5 for example)

2 - Its copy the HTML entities, in block selection you fixed that problem, how can i set (parameter is a good idea) that copy or not the HTML entities.


how can i set a “range” to copyGrid (col=1 to col=5 for example)
Copy to clipboard use same setting as serialization, so you can configure which column will be serialized - they will be included in gridToClipboard as well
To remove IDs from serialization - you can add next command ( before serialization )

>>Its copy the HTML entities
Can’t be controled by API, but can be updated in code, in dhtmlxgrid_nxml.js, line 114
  else this._agetm=“getValue”;
can be updated to
  else this._agetm=“getTitle”;  <<will have text part only