Gridtree not always showing in IE


In IE, the grid is often not showing up on the display. In Firefox, it always workd fine.

I have the following code:

<?php print "" ; ?>

You’ll notice I have a script in php which generates the xml. The generated xml is valid since it always displays in Firfox, and sometimes in IE. I’ve replaced the call to the xml to a fixed file eliminating issues with the php script, but same problem there.

In attachement I’ve added the short xml file.

I’m stuck with this one and don’t know in which direction to look for the solution.

Thanks in advance,

report.7z (536 Bytes)

I have an idea what’s causing the problem:

When I call a script or load an xml and the loading can be executed in a limited time, than IE displays the grid.

When the xml is somthing bigger, or the script takes some more time to execute than I don’t get nothing in IE.

It looks like IE isn’t waiting for the laoding of the xml and is displaying an empty xml.

How can you resolve this ?


Which version of IE?