groupBy formatting for stat_total

With #stat_totals in a groupBy header, how do you get it to show a 0 instead of a blank when the rows it is totalling sums to 0?

Cell formatting of column is applied to group results, so if you have some column type which doesn’t show 0 values - it will not show it for the group value as well.

If 0 is shown in column - it must be show in group row as well.


I set the column type as ‘edn’. ‘0’ is shown in column.
I also set number format for this column.

But group total value for that column is empty. How to get it show ‘0.00’ instead of blank.

Did you define the #stat_total in your groupBy()?


Yes. I did define that. It showed the number if I change the value in the column. But never mind I use other method to display subtotal since I don’t want it to show in header. Thank you for your reply.