GroupBy on null field

I get a javascript error when i edit a cell, which is within a group, that has the group name “”

_updateGroupView was being passed an undefined group.

I’ve fixed the issue on mine, but thought it worth mentioning.

My fix swaps empty “” for a " " group, which i see is done in other places, but not here.

Here’s my fix.

in dhtmlxgrid_group.js line 178


} else if (stage==2 && val!=oldval) {


    var group_value = this.cells(id,this._gIndex).getValue();

    if (group_value==="") group_value = " ";



By the way, awesome product!

This issue confirmed. We’ll provide you fix as soon as possible.

This issue was fixed and will be added at the next dhtmlxGrid version. If you need changes immediately please contact directly